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Much has changed in the full service car wash industry since STAR 95 opened seven years ago. We remain committed to provide the best service possible to our customers. After a thorough review of our systems by a nationally recognized industry consultant, the owners of STAR 95 have decided to upgrade our equipment & change our operations to promote the most efficient & highest quality service possible.


We have implemented a new system for processing all vehicles that come for services: All vehicles will enter through one lane into the right-hand door of the service garage. You will be greeted inside the building, to avoid the elements in bad weather.

YOU MAY CHOOSE to take your vehicle through the wash tunnel yourself, to save time & give you the opportunity to remain inside it if you wish.

You can pay for your services with the greeter, also to save time!!

Only hand drying will be done at the end of the tunnel.

All interior services (vacuuming, windows, dashboard, etc.) will be completed in the service garage after drying. The vehicle will be driven back to the service garage after exiting the Drying Bay & taken to our service personnel for finishing.

You will wait inside the customer service area while the finish work is completed & you will be called to retrieve your vehicle for exit.

After conducting trials with a number of different workflow configurations, this design provides the fastest processing of new customers & the most efficient access to the wash tunnel. Remaining in your vehicle provides the fastest wash experience. With all of the interior work being done in the same location, quality has proven to be more consistent and timely. Better quality in less time!!


With the redesign of our services, our retail area has changed to reflect the needs of our customers.

The waiting area for interior finishing work has been moved to the east end of the new customer service area.

The waiting area for drying remains where it was, at the west end of the customer service area.

The business office was moved to the west end of the building to allow space for the new waiting area.

Gifts, books, greeting cards, snacks, beverages & framed art are still available in the Retail Area.

A cashier is available in the customer service area for wash payments, gift cards, retail sales, etc.

We have chosen to remain open as much as possible through the renovation project, to provide much needed wash services. Please excuse our construction mess during the process!!


We are committed to provide the highest quality of vehicle cleaning equipment available. With the advancements in car wash equipment that are now available, STAR 95 will improve our equipment too..

Upgrades are being made to our current 100 foot-long wash tunnel equipment (power wheel washers, clean water rinse).

Adjustments have been made to maximize the efficiency of our existing equipment.

Replacements are being ordered for some of the equipment.

New equipment is planned for addition to our wash tunnel, including a more efficient jet dryer system to maximize capacity.

We are committed to be the premier car wash facility in East Central Minnesota. No other automated car wash can match the quality of a conveyer tunnel wash.


After a trial Menu in 2014 that introduced the Shooting Star-Shining Star-Super Star wash selections, as a response to popular demand from our customers, in 2015 we will return to the 1-2-3-4 or 5 Star wash choices that STAR 95 had offered previously.

The new Shooting Star wash introduced in 2014 will still be available with an important upgrade: the door jambs will be hand dried on this wash selection just like all the others. This is a significant improvement to this wash choice, especially in our cold winter weather.

Customers will choose whether to remain in their vehicle through the wash tunnel or whether they would prefer to have an employee take the vehicle through the car wash while they wait in our spacious gift shop.

We anticipate adding some new promotions in cooperation with area retailers to offer the opportunity for discounts. We will continue our longstanding specials for Seniors Day (Mondays), Ladies Day (Thursdays) and Veterans (Sundays).

The Early Bird Special ($5.00 off a 5 Star wash) also remains in place every Monday thru Thursday from 8:00-9:30 AM.


STAR 95 CAR WASH & Detailing is East Central Minnesota’s only full service car wash facility with interior cleaning and hand drying. The professional services offered are intended to protect the investment that consumers have made in their vehicles, increasing their value as well as appearance. STAR 95 has developed a range of services to meet the demand of its customers, from exterior-only washes to comprehensive vehicle detailing.

Top quality car wash equipment has been installed, US-made by Belanger, the company that developed the soft cloth wash system. Belanger is a world leader in car wash technology, credited with almost 100 patents from their research & development.

Soft cloth washing technology provides the safest method for car finishes. With a continuous flow of water over its flexible materials, it is proven to be safer than hand washing or high pressure touch less systems while providing a superior result.

STAR 95 CAR WASH is committed to being environmentally friendly. The cleaning agents used are all biodegradable. Also a water reclaim system recycles nearly 90% of all the water used, resulting in less clean water being used than when washing & rinsing by hand.

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