Do you take credit cards?

Yes, all major cards are accepted.

What is your policy on vehicle accessories?

Our soft cloth technology is very safe to use on most properly installed accessories, however, it is our policy that we are not responsible for any damage to non-factory installed accessories. We have the right to reschedule your wash if one of our qualified staff members identifies any loose or protruding attachments that would be unsafe for our wash.

Do I stay in my car or get out after I purchase my wash?

You get to choose! You can stay in your car and ride down our tunnel or you can have one of our qualified staff members drive it through for you. We have a recently remodeled waiting area as well as small snack and gift shop for your convenience.

Where do I pick up my car if I get out?

After going through our tunnel, if you have purchased a wash with interior cleaning your car will be driven around to our vacuum bay adjacent to our waiting area. Once your car is ready our staff will call out your vehicle description to our waiting area.

What’s so great about washing my car at Star 95?

Rags and sponges used in driveway washing can pick up tiny particles that can scratch your vehicle’s surface. Additionally garden hoses typically have inadequate water pressure to fully remove all the soap particles, letting it sink into the finish and work its way into the paint for days afterward. Winter washing? Let us make sure your door jams don’t freeze!

How often should I wash my car?

Dirt and other road pollutants can work their way into paint and deteriorate a vehicle’s surface. It’s best to remove insect residue, bird droppings, sand and salt as soon as possible to prevent damage to your vehicle’s factory paint job.

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